A Book of stories about life - some Tears, some Chuckles, some Fact, some Fiction, and some blends of both.


Author Gary Bazan has lived his life in many locales; in Canada, from sea to sea to sea, taking in five Provinces and the North West Territories including the Arctic.  He has also lived in three of the United States; Washington, New Mexico, and Virginia, and he lived four years in France.  In all these locations, his career demanded considerable travel, so he has seen much of these countries, and has traveled in many others in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

from A Storyteller’s Basket” is a collection of 26 stories, all from the pen of this author. These stories cover a wide range of subjects, emotions, locales, and adventures. Those that are non-fiction are based on times and events during his interesting career. The fictional stories are just that, but vary in themes, emotions, and subjects.

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Author's Note:

The stories in this book are based on many fond memories.  While recalling some events, I found it practical to add, shall we say, enhancements, to try to give them more depth, interest, and additional enjoyment for the reader.  The non-fiction stories contain nostalgia, whimsey, and adventure; they are an attempt to have the reader accompany me through times that I found interesting, adventurous, and happy.  I wrote them as if I were sitting at a table with a few folks telling them a story. 

The reader is easily drawn into these stories; it is not difficult to imagine one's self as a participant.  The variety of subjects, locales, and adventures make this a difficult book to put aside; it is a real page-turner.  So, if you suddenly feel like you want something to read, just pick up a copy of the book, relax, and enjoy.


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